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Saturday, March 23, 2013

In the Dog House

Adlee and Mason playing in Mila's dog crate with Lindsey's Dog Axel in January

Queen of the Hill

I made some big snow piles in front of our house for the kids to play on. Adlee is playing "Queen of the Hill"

Wild Wedding

Mason was getting pretty wild at Ariel's and Jared's wedding reception. He climbed up on the table and took his clothes off.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Mason's Photo Shoot

Friday, February 3, 2012

Allergy Attack

We went to lunch with our friend Lindsey today at The Corner Bakery at the Fashion Place Mall. Kira ordered a sandwich that had pesto sauce in it. She didn't realize there was pesto sauce when she ordered it. She is allergic to Pine nuts and the pesto sauce was made out of pine nuts. She can go into anaphalactic shock when she has pine nuts, so as soon as she felt an allergy attack coming she knew she only had about half an hour before it could get bad. She took off to Walgreens to grab some medications with Lindsey and we had my brother call in a prescription for an epi-pen because we didn't have hers with us. I stayed back at the restaurant to watch Mason and Adlee, and get them in the car since they would take too long. Fortunately, it didn't get bad enough to make her stop breathing or go into anaphalactic shock or have to use the epi-pen, and she got some benadryl soon enough to keep it from getting too bad but even now, 9 hours later, she still isn't feeling too well. The restaurant did give a free sandwich that didn't have pesto sauce afterward. I guess if you want a free take out sandwich, have an allergy attack with the first one. This was Kira's first allergy attack since we met. Her last one was in Spain years ago. Thanks Lindsey for running her to Walgreens.

Baby Mason Rolled Over

Mason rolled over for the first time a couple days ago. It was pretty exciting. This is a huge step or roll in Mason's life. Roll Tide, Mason. Unfortunately, Mason rolled while nobody was looking and then he wouldn't do it again. Kira put him on his stomach and then left the room and came into the room I was in. Then she looked back into the room he was in, and he was on his back. We just barely missed it. He has always hated tummy time, so I'm not surprised he rolled onto his back. I would roll onto my back too, if I hated tummy time. Adlee gets a little jealous of Mason sometimes. When we get excited about Mason doing something, Adlee tries to do it too. Like when Mason was doing a good job with tummy time, she started doing tummy time too. She tries to take Mason's toys and play with them when we are playing with them with Mason. She also likes to wear a diaper because Mason does, although she is starting to get over that and is finally getting potty trained. She could have been potty trained 6 months ago and could already go to the bathroom in the toilet, but she didn't care too. She preferred to just go in her pants - the luxuries of being a 2 year old.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Mason

Here are some photos of Baby Mason

Baby Mason in his baby blessing outfit and hat

Baby Mason in his baby blessing outfit laying on a little red couch